Marketing is not expensive,

inexperience does.
Marketing Strategy



I am here to
help your business.
launch a new product enter
a new market increase your
international presence
I am independent, hands-on, marketing consultant and digital marketing strategist, based in İstanbul. Through the years I have worked for some of the largest global brands as a consultant, client-side, and within media agencies.

My global is to be an extension of your team, challenge assumptions, bring you the knowledge needed to achieve your goals, and build a digital marketing strategy that’s right for your business.
Some brands I’ve had the pleasure to work with
google play music

Strategies can be created for all budgets, it is important to start off small, understand what works, adjust, and then scale.

Why engage a digital consultant?

No need to get a full time digital specialist on board, hire only when you need one. Resulting in less costs, high expertise in digital marketing, and a broad knowledge from different industries.
Base your decisions on real data, and not on assumptions. Validation may be needed before moving forward. Even when businesses have been using a strategy for a while, they may suddenly face an uncertain world. This could be launching a new product, entering a new market, overcoming bad press, or the market changing suddenly and you need to adapt quickly.
It is difficult to stay up to date with the latest trends, regulations, tools and channels. Learn through us, tailored for your business, without the jargon.
Using data-led marketing to increase your brands awareness, lead generation, and increase your customer retention, whilst understanding your return on investment. Creating simple, yet effective digital strategies to drive scale and reduce waste.
Have you been doing the same marketing strategy over and over again? Do you feel that your marketing campaign results could be improved? Maybe your motivation has plateaued. Do you need a push to get something done, similar to a fitness instructor that pushes you to exercise a few times a week? I will strive to take your digital success to a whole new level.